This is the home of various git projects that Diego Lucero is working on. Hire him and his company at this website: http://siamtek.com

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Who is this guy?

My name is Diego.

I would describe myself as a serial entrepreneur, and a highly competent business owner and consultant that adds the most value to society through web design and web development.

In a nutshell, I create websites and apps for people that either: (A) already own a business, or (B) are starting one up.

My background in creating and running businesses -- and technical expertise in all things web -- provide deep insights to the most appropriate marketing strategies for each individual business to succeed in the burgeoning technology age that we are currently apart of today.


I blog regularly also. Of note:

My Company Blog: Siam Tek

My Personal Blog: Diego-Lucero.com

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@dlucero23: Diego Lucero(that's me)

Support or Contact

If you have any questions concerning any of my repositories or commits, please direct them to dluceroppc@gmail.com